Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shuttuuup! Essex Fashion Week is totally happening - Telegraph

Vajazzles at the ready girls, Essex Fashion Week is about to kick off and is promising to be bigger and better than ever.

The brothers are promising it will be the "social event of the fashion calendar" featuring a host of glamorous attractions - none of which appear to have anything to do with fashion, but no matter - including VIP speed boat and helicopter arrivals, a champagne reception and a four course lunch, and a 'performance' from James "ARG" Argent from The Only Way Is Essex cast.
Top model agency Next Model Management has also teamed up with New Look and Now magazine to launch a model competition during the event, so you'd better put in some time at the beauty salon before you even think about showing your face babes!

Held over four nights and three days, Essex Fashion Week will also feature a celebrity charity auction at the legendary 'Faces' nightclub in Gants Hill, before reaching its glam finale with an Essex themed party and fireworks display.

Book your tickets now or you'll be "totally jel" you missed out. Essex Fashion Week takes place March 24-26. To find out more visit oooy.co.uk